Zoosk Celebrates Overseas Kissing Day

Basically had my means, every single day could be Global Kissing Day.

But seeing that I have not yet utilized my Pinky and also the Brain-like powers to take over the whole world, we’re stuck with Overseas Kissing Day happening only once a year.

To celebrate this present year’s event, Zoosk surveyed significantly more than 3,500 singles round the U.S. to assemble their particular thoughts on kissing. You may never currently interested in one particular unforgettable kisses in pop tradition, top kissing spots across the country, as well as the most widely used songs to hug to, however you’re about to find out what they have been anyway.

The best three songs to hug to tend to be…

[Ok, I do kinda have a soft place for the finally one, but…really? Have of the Zooskers actually listened into the song? It’s about a breakup. An ugly one. Not exactly the essential passionate choice for a makeout soundtrack…]

The absolute most unforgettable on-screen lip locking devices from the summer time tend to be somewhat much better chosen:

The places singles possib to get their smooch on are:

[You will find some questions and concerns here, but…I won’t get truth be told there.]

And finally, Zoosk amassed certain haphazard kissing realities (in case the basic three were not random enough already):

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